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CORISAFE® is a medical device designed to make life easier for parents and caretakers of patients with medical ports, such as gastric tubes.




Medical ports, such as gastric feeding tubes, are vulnerable to tampering by the wearer. This is especially true of children, whose curiosity may lead them to detach tubes. Medical ports are also subject to soiling, especially in conjunction with use of diapers.


CORISAFE® is a locking capsule which fits right over and encases the port. It is designed to easily snap together with no “up or down” side – ideal for use without a light source, as at bedtime. The press/snap-fit closure is easy for adults to open with a twist of the thumb and forefinger, but it is challenging for those without more developed manual dexterity and mental acuity. CORISAFE® is neutral by design – with no color or interesting features – to deter curiosity. When snapped shut, CORISAFE®  seals to prevent soil from getting inside.


CORISAFE® was invented by Cori’s father, Mark Belanger, who is an MIT technical instructor and machinist, and Alexander Slocum, MIT Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Mark received very positive feedback and requests for CORISAFE® devices from his daughter’s medical providers and other parents in the tube feeding community.


CORISAFE® is available for purchase individually, or in multiple quantities.CORISAFE® is patent pending and is available for purchase only on this website. See more images of CORISAFE® and technical information HERE.

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