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As the parent of a young child, you want to do all you can to minimize the risks of complications associated with medical ports.




CORISAFE® is designed to alleviate common problems with medical ports:

  • Hides the port mechanism from children’s eyes and fingers
  • Deters your child's curiosity with its neutral, featureless
  • Press/snap-on locking mechanism requires adult dexterity
  • Easy for adults to open with a twist of the thumb and
  • No "up or down" orientation makes it easy to use in the dark
  • Securely seals to prevents soiling
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Weighs less than .5 oz
  • Slight modification allows use with the following tubes:

AMT, CORPAK, PEG Corlock, Nutri-Cath

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CORISAFE® is available for purchase individually, or in multiple quantities. CORISAFE® is patent pending, and is available for purchase only on this website.

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