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“The CoriSafe is a lifesaver! I recommend it to all my patients with feeding tubes. Feeling secure that your feeding tube is attached is a wonderful thing.” - Jenna T., RN BSN, Children’s Hospital Boston




"As a private duty pediatric nurse for an active, mobile 5 year-old with a g-tube, I would recommend the CoriSafe for all children with g-tubes.  Prior to using this CoriSafe, my little patient would succeed (frequently) in disconnecting her extension from her tubing and opening her med port, resulting quite a mess.  Since we have been using the CORISAFE® we can now put her to bed knowing her tube is safe and out of her reach. It has made traveling in the car and trips on the school bus easier knowing she will remain connected through out the trip. I can attest to the value of this product, knowing that my patient is getting the infusion intended at all times.”  - Susan L., Pediatric Private Duty Nurse


CORISAFE® is available for purchase individually, or in multiple quantities. CORISAFE® is patent pending, and is available for purchase only on this website.

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